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  I loved working with Alice of Denali Parent Coaching. She was very reassuring that my husband and I were not alone in our challenges as parents. Alice helped us recognize the good parenting skills we already had and also helped us to expand our repertoire to create even more positive behaviors and interactions as a family. Although I was initially skeptical about doing this over the phone, it proved to be a good venue as I realized we are much better listeners on the phone than we are in person! It turned a fear of counseling into an experience of coaching and a true exploration of how to make good situations even better - thus clearing up the behaviors I was not enjoying and creating situations that everyone enjoyed. ”
~ Julia M., Alaska

  …instead of focusing on all of the things I couldn’t seem to manage, Alice helped me recognize all of the things that I was on top of. That was very empowering. I would definitely recommend parent coaching in general, and Alice in particular, to other parents. It was a great experience.”
~ Lynne J., Alaska

  Parent Coaching with Alice is a gift for parentsand the children they love. Alice meets youwhere you are as a parent - without judgment and with plenty of insight and humor. I would sometimes begin our session discouraged about how I had been parenting my four children that week, but always ended with a renewed vision and excitement for my job as a parent. Parent Coaching is for those enlightened parents who are serious about their job and desire to gain insight, get support, and fulfill the hopes and desires they have to parent thoughtfully and successfully. What better gift could you give your child than a happy parent?
~ Julie Pepe-Phelps, Alaska

  Alice’s caring, compassionate coaching style gave me the safe space to explore my life. Her ability to ask questions that made me think deeply helped me to move in the direction that was best for both me and my family.”
~ Joy Wilds, Wisconsin

  What a journey our parent coaching was! Our (formerly) delightful daughter had turned four and we found our best attempts to parent well were foiled at every turn. My husband and I found our selves arguing with each other over parenting methods that weren’t working anyway. By asking us gentle and thoughtful questions, Alice helped us regain more level ground between ourselves and then helped us discover our own path to reach our goals for us as a family. My life is so filled with joy now - I have the resilience to be patient, the time to pay attention, and a backlog of joy to be forgiving. These eight weeks have changed my life.
~ Alison Arians, Alaska

  Alice’s gentle spirit, profound expertise, and caring ways provide an extraordinary parent coaching experience. She has a true gift for drawing the best out in others and affirming authentically that which makes us our higher selves.”

"Mom’s and dads are in for a special treat when they are coached by Alice!”
~ Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO
Parent Coaching Institute, Washington

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