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Finding it hard to reach out for help? Wishing you could just ask questions privately, with no judgment or pressure to sign on with a coach? Just message or email Alice your question or concern and you will hear back—with ideas, support, and encouragement to help you feel confident and certain with the direction you take.

Facebook contact:  Denali Parent Coaching


Ready to connect with Alice and consider coaching? Here’s what you can expect:

A to-be-determined number (based on your needs) of hour-long telephone sessions
Purchase of one or both of Alice’s books to be a part of coaching and a resource for the rest
      of your parenting journey
Email check-ins and/or follow-ups to help you create the positive change you want the most


Want company as you work through challenges? Gather up a few friends with similar concerns and come together with Alice via a telebridge line for a four session coaching arrangement. Share stories, feel supported and encouraged, and empowered to move forward creating the positive change you each want the most.

60 minute group conversation
Email check ins and/or follow-ups highlighting key points of each session
Unlimited email availability between sessions


Do you do better when your work is already cut out for you? Try one of these themes on for size:

Parenting With Purpose: Calm, Connected, and Confident the ScreamFree Way
A 6-session workshop designed to help you feel less overwhelmed and more confident in your parenting—truly creating healthy, positive relationships in your family. Based on Hal Runkel’s book: ScreamFree Parenting, The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool.

The Power of PAUSE
A 4-session workshop fully focused on the essential parenting (and life) “tool,” PAUSE, and designed to help you strengthen this muscle to feel calmer, more confident, and truly connected with your child. Based on Alice’s book: PAUSE: The Power of Parenting (and Living) with Calm Connection.  

Positive Discipline: Guidance at its Best
A workshop of varying lengths to discover how parenting can become easier as you strengthen your ability to guide your children in relationship building ways and be a positive influence for them.

Parent Shares!
An hour long group coaching opportunity to come together to share and feel supported and encouraged. Themes include positive discipline, sharing, BIG feelings, button-pushing, and more. Can be held via telebridge or in-person, site to be determined by parents involved.

Specific requests for topics are welcomed. 

Contact Alice at or 907-868-6933
for more information and she will be happy to talk with you
to determine if coaching is the right solution for you.

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