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Reaching New Heights in Parenting



Do you find yourself feeling:

Overwhelmed, stressed--as if you’re running on emergency mode?
Discouraged with advice that doesn’t seem to work for you?
Challenged by your toddler’s, child’s, or teen’s behavior?
Confused by the impact of media and technology on your family?
Overwhelmed as a new parent?
Frustrated with your relationship with your child or teen?
Concerned with your child’s or teen’s school performance?

Parent Coaching may be a solution for you.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is a compassionate, non-judgmental, collaborative relationship between you and your coach.  This relationship allows you to successfully identify and navigate the challenges raising children and striving for a healthy family brings.

 A PCI Certified Parent Coach®, in essence, is a supportive companion who champions your highest aspirations and dreams for yourself, your children, and your family—and helps you attain them.”

As stated on the Parent Coaching Institute’s website with permission.

Parent Coaching gives you time to explore your dreams and desires for yourself as a parent and for your family.  The parent coaching relationship provides you the safe place in which to gain insights into your parenting self, identify your strengths, clarify your goals, and to incorporate strategies to address challenges with respect to your family’s specific needs.  Parent coaching provides you with the ongoing support and education needed to be successful in your process of change.

What can you expect from your coaching experience?

Questions that may surprise or challenge you
Compassion, support, and encouragement
To laugh more and find deeper satisfaction as a parent
Creative solutions and relevant information
Increased energy, more joy, greater confidence, and renewed hope
Lasting, positive change

Join with a PCI Certified Parent Coach®
and get started on creating the change you desire!


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