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Alice has her bachelor’s degree in Child Study from Tufts University in Massachusetts.  She earned her graduate level Parent Coach Certification through the Parent Coaching Institute in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University in Washington State. 

Alice’s passion for supporting families extends over 30 years. She is an author of parenting books, raised two lovely daughters, has taught preschool, co-directed an infant/toddler center, mentored daycare providers, been a caregiver for many children, taught parent education classes, and volunteered in the public schools and Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska. These experiences have provided many families with valuable, ongoing support over the years. The richness of the relationships formed have nurtured Alice’s enthusiasm for working with and writing for parents to encourage and empower them along their journeys.

Listen to Alice speak about the benefits of hands on experiences with children
Alice shares with Gloria DeGaetano of the Parent Coaching Institute about the impact screen technology has on young brains and the importance of hands on, sensory rich, relationship based experiences for growing healthy children and joyful relationships.

  Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO of the Parent Coaching Institute, has inspired me in pursuing my passion as a Parent Coach.  Her profound vision and innovative program has provided me (and many others) with the in depth knowledge and training needed to give parents the opportunity to create positive, lasting change.  I am forever grateful to Gloria DeGaetano for her gift of transformational change—in my life, as well as in the lives of families we, as PCI Certified Parent Coaches®, touch.”

~Alice Hanscam
PCI Certified Parent Coach®



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